MSD Ignition
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Preview of the MSD system,that is complete except for the installation of the 6A box.
MSD recommended this ignition combination for my 350.This will be one of the more challenging applications due to the fact that the stock ECU has been removed, so wiring may need to be re-run and customized.

  MSD 6AL IGNITION The 6AL will ensure good combustion through out the entire RPM curve, and increase over-all performance.It also has rev limiter chips and comes with ani-vibration mounts.
I painted the box blue to match the hoses and wires on the engine.

6AL Ignition
  STREET PRO BILLET DISTIBUTOR The Pro-Billet comes ready to plug directly into the 6A, and comes with mechanical & vacuum advance.

Street Pro Billet
  BLASTER 2 HIGH PERFORMANCE Specially designed to match perfectly with the 6A, to provide the maximium voltage possible from the ignitionI bought the crome one with the crome hold down bracket and mounted it on the intake.

Blaster 2