Current Project Installation
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Shifter and Dual Kit Installation

I will post the details of the shifter installation in about 2 weeks.The Dual kit will have to wait untill after I get the tranny back in April.

Dynomax Header Dual Kit
The Dynomax kit is made from 16 gauge aluiminized 2 1/4 inch pipe, with side exits. The kit comes with every thing for installation except mufflers
Ultra Flows
The Ultra Flows have the same large tube straight through design as the popular Flowmasters, and come in either welded or stainless.For a quick listen to the sound of a full Dynomax true dual exaust go to the engine spec page and hit the link to hear it now.
B&M MegaShifter
The installation of the shifter has proven it self to be more of a project than imagined.Bolting the unit to the floor was faily easy.I bolted the two back bolts right to the existing shifter mount, but the two front ones were not in allignment,and it needed about a inch and a half shim under the front end.I ran a piece of steel banding to the stock hole on the right side,that was about two inches ahead of the hole in the shiter,then took a inch and a half bolt and ran it down to the floor from the hole on the shifter mount.To keep it in place I threaded the hole in the shifter so it acted as its own nut and then connected the band to that and ran it to the stock hole in the floor.The band stoped it from lifting, and the bolt stopped it from bottoming out.On the front left I just threaded another bolt to the floor and the unit was pretty solidly in place.
After that I found that the housing piece didnt cover all of area that the carpet was cut in front of it.That would have been the spot where the coin holder was on the stock console.So after inspecting the stock console I saw that the coin holder was riveted onto the main part of the console.So I removed the stock coin holder to attach to the new shifter housing.In order to connect it,the housing would have to be mounted backward since one side is straight up and down and one is slanted(and of course its designed to be slanted in the front)In order to use the housing backwards I had to drill new holes in the top of the housing to line up with the shifter base unit,a tape measure and a couple of different sized bits made the correct resesed holes for the new position.I then used the old console once again to make a template with a piece of paper to get the correct curve of the base so that the housing would fit down on to the floor proporly.After that got cut out I reriveted the coin holder onto the new shifter housing and gave it a couple of coats of black paint to match.
As far as conectiong the cable to the tranny, well I have to wait for the tranny to get back from the shop.
The B&M sure makes a statement when you look in side the car.Its a real nice looking piece!